Publiclikes Review

Publiclikes Review


The crazy has been whether publiclikes is a Pyramid scheme or a legitimate site where you can earn money. I came across this article from Nairobi Wire a few weeks proclaiming how Kenyans are easily conned by Pyramid schemes and how they will eventually lose there money on publiclikes.

I had just joined and was a bit hesitant to upgrade. (They charge 4500/= to upgrade to business basic account. Click here publiclikes). It’s usually good to risk, so I  upgraded..

First week with one employee (referral)  I had already reached the minimum withdrawal limit so I  tried to withdraw but something seemed to be wrong with my pin.. (You set the pin during registration). I tried  ticket support so that it could be reset but there was no reply. (I later discovered on publiclikes Friday is a nightmare day for them. It’s pay day so they can’t even manage to help you reset your pin due to the heavy traffic).

I had to wait until the following week Friday to see if I will be paid. Luckily I remembered my pin and by 5 am Friday 9th June I had already made my request to withdraw.

The long wait began. Was contacted via SMS at 1900 hrs the same day that there was a delay but will receive the payment.

I was paid the following day(10th) at night.

Here is my mpesa message for that day

LFA78PHJRB Confirmed.You have received Ksh7,731.00 from M-PAYER 531301 on 10/6/17 at 9:18 PM…

I believed now. In two weeks I had recouped my 4500/=

This week I withdrew on Friday and the message came early morning today..

LFI1B4LEF1 Confirmed.You have received Ksh3,460.00 from M-PAYER 531301 on 18/6/17 at 12:48 AM New M-PESA balance…


How it works

For every ad view you earn 10 shillings. If you are on a free account you earn a maximum of fifty shillings per day. So to reach your first payout it will take 50 days.

For Business account (Which I highly recommend) you pay 4500 shillings to upgrade. You are given 25 ads to view. Each is 10 shillings. You earn 250 shillings per day. Business account you are allowed to have employees (referrals). The referrals must upgrade for you to earn from them. You earn 4 shillings for each ad your referral views which translates to 100 shillings if the referral is on a basic account.

My honest opinion… Try it. Risking is part of your way to financial freedom 

Here is my performance for the last week…



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