1xbet there’s no tax on stake and no withholding tax. You can deposit on 1Xbet using Mpesa by following this procedure. 

  1. First create an account at 1Xbet
  2. Then login into your account (To create your account if you don’t have click ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰ 1Xbet
  3. After creating your account click on deposit and scroll to Walletec Rewards
  4. Walletec rewards you must download their app from here (It’s only 3.4Mb in size). After downloading the app remember to use the code L2OCPS while registering. 
  5. Click on Top up and then from mobile money to load your account (1Xbet accept a minimum of 500 shillings deposit when using Walletec rewards)
  6. Go back to your 1Xbet account to complete your deposit 

Deposit on 1Xbet via Mpesa

Deposit in 1Xbet without using Mpesa

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