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Camp Nou is a football stadium in Barcelona, Spain. It opened in 1957 and has been the home stadium of FC Barcelona since its completion. [Photo: Courtesy]

Former Barcelona star Eusebio Sacristan has undergone emergency surgery after being rushed to hospital following a fall.

Sacristan, 56, was taken straight to the intensive care unit of University Clinic Hospital in Valladolid after medics discovered a blood clot on his brain.

The former midfielder was placed in an induced coma after surgery to alleviate pressure on his brain.

Sacristan, who managed four sides, including Barcelona and Girona, following a 20-year playing career, will now have to see in the New Year in hospital.


The Spaniard must remain under observation for 72 hours, but his condition has been described as stable.

The Eusebio Sacristan Foundation said in a statement: “Eusebio has been operated on today at Valladolid Clinical Hospital after suffering a severe head injury caused by an accidental fall and his recovery will be monitored over the next few days.

“All updates will be published through this Foundation at the request of his family, who wish to transmit their sincere gratitude to everyone including the media and colleagues from the world of sport who have shown concern for Eusebio’s health.”

Eusebio Sacristan was taken straight to the intensive care unit. [Photo: Courtesy]

According to local reports, Sacristan was spotted on a restaurant terrace earlier in the day, but the location of his fall is not known.

Sacristan’s playing career began at Valladolid before he joined Atletico Madrid for a season and then signed for Johan Cruyff’s Barcelona.

Sacristan made 267 appearances over seven seasons with Barcelona. His silverware with the club included four league titles and a European Cup.

The former midfielder, who also earned 15 caps for Spain, retired in 2002 aged 38.

Sacristan resigned as Girona boss after the club were relegated at the end of 2019.

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