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Football news - Jamie Carragher: Manchester United have better squad than  Liverpool - Eurosport
Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher
  • The former Liverpool defender says the more he sees United win, the more convinced he is of their chances of winning the title.
  • Carragher believes the title could be won by clinching just over 80 points and the Red Devils can pip Liverpool and Man City to it

β€œManchester United can win the Premier League this season,”

Jamie Carragher wrote in his column for the Telegraph.

β€œJust hearing that should be enough to gladden the hearts of their fans. The more I see them, the more convinced I am that it could happen. I do not believe they have radically improved, but such is their firepower they have the ability to win games without producing 90-minute performances.

β€œWe have seen it so often this season where they have gone from dire one minute to brilliant the next, and their away form makes them dangerous. The biggest reason they have a chance is because the country’s two outstanding sides β€” Liverpool and (Manchester) City β€” have dropped back.
β€œUnited could be one of the major beneficiaries of this unique season because the title could be won with little more than 80 points. United are among those who could hit that mark, especially if they remedy their poor results at Old Trafford.”

The fact that a former Liverpool player is now worried about United potentially winning the title proves that rivals are starting to sweat over our surge. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, however, is in no mood to talk about a title challenge just now and is more focused on continuing this winning run so that we are still in a shot to win it during the key April-May period.

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