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‘Some people score 10 goals a season on penalties’: Mourinho’s latest dig on Bruno is classic case of sour grapes - logo
  • The Portuguese manager praised Son Heung-Min scoring his 100th goals for Tottenham against Leeds United before suddenly reverting to penalties.
  • He took a sly dig at Bruno’s penalty record, trying to undervalue his contribution at United

When asked about his thoughts on Son Heung-Min scoring his 100th goal for Tottenham Hotspur in their win over Leeds United, Jose Mourinho said:

“I’m very happy for him, I’m very happy that now people realise the player he is. I think we all have to explain to people the person he is, too. To get the Puskas award, to be scoring 100 goals for Tottenham and to be maybe in the top three Premier League scorers without penalties.

“Some players score 10 goals a season on penalties and I’m not speaking about Harry Kane, by the way. I’m so happy for Son.”

Well, Mourinho clearly took a dig on Bruno Fernandes with that comment and this isn’t the first time he’s taken a swipe at the Man United star’s penalty record. The Tottenham boss is clearly bitter about the exceptional work Bruno is doing to help United outperform his side, and the Portuguese magnifico is not the one to get rattled by his Jose’s comments.


Moreover, it’s quite clear by now that Bruno is more than just a penalty specialist, with the midfielder topping the creative and goal involvement charts in the Premier League this season.

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