Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022
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Manchester United legend Andy Cole has been chosen to interact with Kenyan fans in the Chivas Regal’s second instalment of the Chivas Afroblend series in partnership with Manchester United.

Manchester United legend Andy Cole opens up on mental health battle,  self-isolation and his new research fund - Manchester Evening News

The series, made up of a culmination of music, football and fashion collaborations, will connect Manchester United Legends, consumers and media personalities through exclusive activities.

In the Chivas Afroblend series, fans who buy Chivas through the Jumia ecommerce platform stand a chance to be part of the WhatsApp VIP Fan Club with Dwight Yorke who will represent the Zambian market, Andy Cole (Kenya), and Louis Saha for Cameroon.

β€œThis year Chivas plans to do things slightly different, incorporating innovative digital connections and exclusive β€˜Success is a Blend’ experiences for consumers. Set to take place from March 2021, the experiences will offer an interactive and tailored brand immersion in Kenya, Cameroon and Zambia, under firm COVID-19 regulations,” said Chivas in a statement.

The campaign brings together renowned international fashion artists – Consultant Annette Pringle KΓΆlsch and African designers Faith Migwi (House of Manciny) in Kenya, Chiza Ngulube (House of Esnoko) in Zambia and Imane Ayissi in Cameroon.

Each designer will create a collection of premium African athleisure wear through a football and Chivas inspired collection, which complements street football culture amplified by the Manchester United Football Club.

β€œBuilt off a great first year of Afroblend, and continue to entrench our platform in the Kenya, Zambia and Cameroon market through delivering the same great experience, just blended differently and all in line with Covid restrictions in markets for the full 4-month duration of our campaign” says Tendai O’Connor Brand Manager Pernod Ricard SSA

North Texas Reds on Twitter: "Andy Cole & Bryan Robson - United legends.  #mufc #Chivas… "
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