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What is wish?

Wish is an American (California) based e-commerce (online marketplace) platform just like Jumia and amazon with great GENUINE products (From the US of course). Wish connects users to merchants all over the world. They have everything you could ever need – from the everyday basics to the weird and wacky, and everything in between. They serve customers in more than 100+ countries and 40 different languages.

How does Wish work?

Every day, merchants all over the world are uploading new products to Wish and then present them to buyers in a visual and engaging way (just like your social media feed). 

Over time, Wish gets to know you – your hobbies, your style, your budget – and tailors the products you see in your feed to help you find items you never knew existed and ultimately ensure each visit is as inspiring as the last! After purchase, they offer a 30-day return and refund option in case things didn’t work out as expected.

Why are prices so low? 

Wish is focused on giving worldwide customers access to the widest selection of affordable goods. They do this by working directly with suppliers and prioritizing value over brand, packaging and fast delivery.

Why are discounts so high?

Wish prides itself in helping users’ money go further, so their merchants work with them to keep prices low and apply discounts that are just too good to turn down.

What’s Wish’s Refund & Return Policy?

Wish has a very customer-focused return policy.

They’re committed to your satisfaction with every purchase you make. If your item arrives and there’s an issue or you’re not 100% satisfied, you can request a refund within 30 days of the delivery date. 

  • In most cases, they won’t ask you to return the item. 
  • If you are asked to return the item, all returns are FREE.
  • They’ll NEVER ask you to send your items back internationally.

All packages are also backed by their Money Back Guarantee. They calculate a maximum delivery date for every item in case there are delays that are out of their control. If your item does not arrive by the maximum delivery date, you can place your refund request within 30 days from this date. 

To start a refund request, you simply contact their support team through the app.

Does Wish sell branded goods? How do you see the difference between real branded goods and fake goods?

Yes, wish works work with a number of brands and are signing up more and more every day. Look out for the brand logo (ic_brand_shield_18.png) or go to the dedicated brands tab in the app to quickly navigate to the brands you love.

Is it safe to buy from Wish?

Absolutely! Wish is an online marketplace that connects millions of users to merchants all over the world. They have everything you could ever need – from the everyday basics, to the weird and wacky, and everything in between. They’re one of the world’s fastest-growing shopping apps, serving customers in more than 130 countries and 40 different languages. Did I say their app downloads on google app store is at 500Million downloads? Oh yeah.

If you ever need help with any of their orders, you can always contact them here

What is Wish Local?

Wish Local is an initiative that allows brick-and-mortar shops to offer in-store product collection to Wish customers – in some cases, within hours of ordering. You can see which products are available through Wish Local by clicking on the Location icon in the app.

Are the reviews authentic?

Absolutely! Customer feedback helps to identify quality products. Customers are encouraged to submit honest reviews, both positive and negative, to provide their fellow shoppers with all the product and delivery information they need.

What is wish express?

Most of wish‘s customers prioritize value over shipping times. For customers who want faster shipping times, there is Wish Express which offers express shipping times within 5-7 days.

How long will shipping take?

Shipping times vary based on the item type, store location and the item’s destination. To view the estimated delivery date for each of your items, please visit your Order History page. You can track a package’s status on the Item Details page.

How do I track an order?

To check the delivery status of your order, you can find the most updated tracking information by visiting your Order History page.


Locate the item in your Order History and click Order Details and then Item Details to view the item’s estimated date of arrival and tracking history.


Simply tap on the individual item to view your order’s estimated date of arrival and tracking history.

How do I change the shipping information for an order I just placed?

Before placing an order on Wish, you can change the shipping address directly at the top of your shopping cart.

After placing an order, you can change your shipping address within a limited update window. After the update window has passed, our Customer Support team can update an address for you up until the item ships. Please contact us as soon as possible if you need your address changed.

>On Web

Go to your Order Details page in your Order History and click Change Shipping Address.

>On Mobile

Go to your Order History and open a ticket for each item you need to change the address for. Follow the prompts in Wish Assistant to change the address. 

Once your order has shipped, it will no longer be possible to change the shipping address. We recommend contacting your local post office with your tracking number(s) to see if they can reroute your order to the correct address.

How much does shipping cost?

Wish strive to maintain low shipping costs on their products.  

Since items may ship from multiple stores on Wish, shipping costs are applied separately per item and not per order. The cost varies depending on the size, weight, and destination of your order. You can view the shipping cost per item in your cart at checkout.

Stores choose the best way to send their items and may ship your items in separate packages or all together in one.

Where do my orders ship from?

Wish is a global platform that connects customers with stores across the world. Your order could ship from a variety of locations depending on the store’s location.

Which countries do items on Wish ship to?

Stores on Wish often ship globally. As shipping availability will depend on the store and your location, all the items you see in your feed are ones that can be shipped to your country.

Can I have my order shipped to a P.O. Box?

Generally, stores are able to ship items to P.O. Boxes. However, there may be some types of items that cannot be delivered to a P.O. Box. For example, large products, valuables, or items shipped via carriers such as DHL, FedEx, or UPS may require a physical mailing address or signature confirmation to be successfully delivered. Please keep this in mind when placing these types of orders on Wish.

How do I get an invoice for my order?

To find your order invoice, visit your Order History page and click Details. You’ll also receive an order confirmation email once your order has been successfully placed.

Please note that stores may not include an invoice with your parcel.

Are my personal and payment details safe when shopping on Wish?

Wish does not rent, sell or share information.

They protect information as described in Section 6 (Security) of the policy.

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