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Pyypl Application


Pyypl is an online payment platform founded in UAE in 2017. It’s operational in UAE and Bahrain and has the authorization to operate in Kazakhstan, Mozambique and Kenya. It has plans and is preparing to expand to other African countries.

 It’s Operation

Pyypl enables you to pay for goods and services online and at the same time transfer cash at a very affordable cost. It offers instant digital financial services for both the unbanked and the banked. It’s basically a virtual prepaid MasterCard visa card.

Licensing and Regulation

Application is licensed by the Kenya’s Capital Markets Authority, CMA,  and hence legal to operate in the country#

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What can you do with the Pyypl Application?

The Pyypl application enables you to:

1. Shop online without linking your bank account

2. Pay with the pyypl plastic master card in restaurants and supermarkets.

3. Pay for taxis on taxi-hailing apps without MPESA delays

4. SEND money from one Pyypl Account to another for FREE

5. SEND money from one Pyypl account to MPESA for FREE*

6. GET cashback and bonuses as you transact over the platform

How to Register

To create an account you only need either your National ID, Passport or your Driving License. No filling of forms. It‘s a very easy 2 step registration process that one can easily do for themselves.

To create an account, click HERE to get the started.

How to ADD MONEY to your Pyypl account

There are 4 ways in which one can load their Pyypl account.

  1. From their MPESA account to Pyypl account
  2. Bank transfer from your bank account to the Pyypl account
  3. Cash deposit at a Pyypl dealer kiosk
  4. Scanning  QR Code voucher

Loading your Pyypl account is free for the first month or if you load your wallet at least once a month.

User Bonuses

Pyypl platform comes with lots of bonuses when you register.

  1. 1000 points for each account load/deposit/card transaction. These points are redeemable.
  2. For every friend you invite, you earn Ksh. 85. They also earn an equal amount if they load a minimum of Ksh. 200 into their Pyypl account.

NOTE: You can also become a Pyypl dealer and be entitled to higher bonuses and perks.

  1. Ksh. 93 on your first purchase over the Pyypl platform


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