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  1. Levadia Tallinn โ€“ Vikingur Reykjavikโ€ฆ. Our Choice:
  2. Aldosivi โ€“ CA Platenseโ€ฆ. Our Choice: Aldosivi, Draw
  3. Central Cordoba โ€“ San Lorenzoโ€ฆ. Our Choice:
  4. Gamba Osaka โ€“ Oita Trinitaโ€ฆ. Our Choice: Gamba Osaka
  5. Bucheon โ€“ Anyangโ€ฆ. Our Choice:
  6. Seinajoen JK โ€“ Hakaโ€ฆ. Our Choice: Seinajoen JK
  7. Japs โ€“ MP Mikkeliโ€ฆ. Our Choice: Japs
  8. Resistencia FC โ€“ 12 de Octubreโ€ฆ Our Choice:
  9. Bahia BA โ€“ Atletico Prโ€ฆ. Our Choice: Atletico Pr
  10. Fortaleza CE โ€“ Ceara CEโ€ฆ. Our Choice:
  11. New York Red Bulls โ€“ New York Cityโ€ฆ. Our Choice: New York Red Bulls
  12. Sรฃo Paulo โ€“ Palmeirasโ€ฆ. Our Choice:
  13. CSA AL โ€“ Gremioโ€ฆ. Our Choice: Draw, Gremio

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