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E books

1.(CPA All Sections)

Get these ebooks for 300 shillings. On the market they are going for 800/=. The ebooks contains short notes for all sections of the Certified Public Accounts course. We have tried to get a fair price for you. You can save them on your computer or resell them. Contact us through this email address if you are interested (gmutange@yahoo.com) or through WhatsApp on +254723604510.. Payment is via Mpesa through 0723604510. You can also pay via PayPal through email address gmutange@yahoo.com. 


CPA.. Sections 1


  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Commercial Law
  3. Financial Accounting

Section 2

  1. Management accounting
  2. Economics
  3. Public Finance and Taxation

Section 3

  1. Company Law
  2. Financial Management
  3. Financial reporting

Section 4

  1. Auditing and Assurance
  2. Quantitative Analysis
  3. Management Information and Systems

Section 5

  1. Advanced Management and Accounting
  2. Strategy, Governance and Ethics
  3. Advanced financial management

Section 6

  1. Advanced Taxation and Public Finance
  2. Advanced Financial Reporting 2016
  3. Advanced Auditing New Topics 2016
  4. Advanced Auditing and Assurance 2016

Children Ebooks (300 shillings for over 100 books)


Some of the books are

  1. A baby in the belly with illustrations
  2. A calming manatee with illustrations
  3. A cloud of trash with illustrations
  4. A dancers tale with illustrations
  5. A fish and a gift with illustrations
  6. At the Zoo with illustrations
  7. A way with Dragons
  8. Bears with illustrations
  9. The woodcutter’s daughter…

And many more


Contact us through gmutange@yahoo.com.