Over 2.5 Games For Sunday

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  1. Admira Wacker – SK Rapid Vienna(Austria)
  2. FC Granichen – FC Sion(Switzerland)
  3. FC Chippis – FC Zurich(Switzerland)
    Over 2.5
  4. FC Kreuzlingen – FC Rapperswil-Jona(Switzerland)
    Over 2.5
  5. FC Gambarogno-Contone – FC Winterthur.. Over 2.5 (Switzerland)
  6. FC Baden – FC St. Gallen(Switzerland)
    Over 2.5
  7. FC Beroche-Gorgier – FC Kosova Zurich(Switzerland)
    X2 Double Chance
    Over 2.5
  8. Kajha – Narpes Kraft(Finland)
  9. Klubi 04 – FC Lahti Akatemia(Finland )
  10. Mipk Mikkeli – Pepo Lappeenranta(Finland)

More games… Over 2.5 Games For Sunday

Both Teams To Score Sunday 13/8/17

Teams To Win Sunday (13/8/17)


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